What do we offer?

We are glad you asked!  All our packages include exclusive time out on the field, or fields, as well as private time in our Party Room for cake, gift opening etc.  We offer soccer, dodge-ball, kickball, relays, red-light green-light games as well as many other fun activities for kids AND adults!  Do one, do some, or do all activities in your time slot, your choice!  Parents can get in on the fun too and show some moves if they want!  

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Waxahachie / Red Oak's ONLY Indoor Soccer Spot


Birthday Party Rentals!

Host your next birthday party event at Our Indoor Soccer Spot!  

Perfect for birthday parties of all ages!  

Are you tired of the same old same old when it comes to birthday parties?  Running out of options or things to do for your kids birthday?  Well why not host your next party at the Soccer Spot?  We have TONS of fun and exciting things for your kids to do, not to mention wear them out so when they get home, they are exhausted, tired, and above all well-behaved (no guarantees!).  

Choose Your Package:

Package A - $175:

  • ​1 and 1/2 hours of fun-filled time at Our Indoor Soccer Spot
  • ​Exclusive private use of our large field for 1 1/2 hours.  Small field is not included and may be used /rented out to another group
  • ​Exclusive private use in our Party Room
  • Soccer, Dodge ball, Kickball, free time, etc.  Games are set up by group and managed by group.
  • Outside food, drinks and decorations allowed (all decorations must be taped up, no nails/screws on walls)

Package B - $250:

  • ​2 hours of fun-filled time at the Soccer Spot
  • Exclusive PRIVATE use of our large field, our small field AND our party room for 2 hours
  • Soccer, Dodge ball, Kickball, Soccer training, free time, Red Light Green Light relays and many other games you can choose from.  Games are set up by party host or hostess, just sit back and relax or enjoy playing on the field!
  • Free Soccer ball for birthday boy/girl
  • Outside food, drinks and decorations allowed.  NOTE:  All decorations must be taped up; no nails or screws on walls. 

Package C - $375

  • ​Includes everything in Package B
  • ​3 Hours of AMAZING FUN!

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